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Theology of Shalom in Isaiah



So what is Shalom and what does Shalom mean you ask? Well the easiest most simple definition is peace. Shalom is a Hebrew word and the word Shalom is one of the many Old Testament names for God which means The LORD is peace. This name for the LORD first came to us in Jdg 6:24. Also according to my NASB Strongs concordance the word has many different connotations some of the connotations that word may translate into English are as follows: wholeness,completeness, soundness,health,prosperity,well being, peace,cessation from war, victory over ones enemy,etc.. The exact number of times that the Hebrew word appears in the book of Isaiah is 25 times,and the exact number of times the word appears in the entire Old testament is 210 times. So as you can see this a very important word for the Hebrew writer. But I will be only focusing on the word in the context of the book of Isaiah and on a few of the many connotations for the word Shalom.


Theology of Shalom in Isaiah

As mentioned there are a number of different connations for the word. Some of the connotations are used in the book of Isaiah and others are not. In Isa 27:5 I believe the context of the verse refers strictly to the connotation for Shalom being peace and security, as the word refuge is mentioned in the verse. In Isa 14:4-7 I believe the context of the verses denotes a connotation referring to victory over our enemies, because there are some phrases in this passage of scripture that would refer to this conclusion. In one phrase for example it says that the LORD has broken the rod of the wicked, and this would mean victory over his enemies and such. The passage also may have a connotation of peace or a healthy well-being. The reason I say this is because the passage says that all the lands will be at rest and peace, so this connotations are spelled out perfectly in these verses.

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