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John Wolf

John Wolf is the Founder & Director of Church Education Resource Ministries. John started CERM in May of 2006 to provide a resourceful website to aid and assist other Christians looking for brief and concise information on a wide variety of Biblical & Theological topics. Many have praised this ministry and CERM welcomes all feedback, so do not hesitate to email.


John came to salvation at the young age of five at his mother's Good News Club during his days in the Christian and Missionary Alliance and grew up in a contemporary New-Evangelical church background. During his youth summers from 1988-1996 he attended a Evangelical Youth camp associated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Santa Rosa California. It was there that he rededicated his life to the Lord in 1995. In 2004 John joined an Evangelical Conservative church in Northern California and in 2005 was privileged to attend John MacArthur's Shepherd's Conference in southern California with his church leaders.

Educational Background

In the year 2000 John earned a Associates Degree from Canada College in Business. He graduated with a 3.67 GPA and was admitted to the Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Society. Then in 2001 John was accepted to Simpson University. While attending Simpson he did an Internship with Youth4Christ in 2004 where he did various duties which included Bible Study curriculum, website design, research and Small group devotions. Also while at Simpson John worked in church ministry with two conservative Evangelical churches. One church he worked in their Sunday School department, and another he did various tasks ranging from setup/cleanup to public speaking. John also served as the sports editor and photographer for the on campus Newspaper his first year, and his last semester wrote two discerning critiques of two churches in the Redding, CA area. You may find these articles in his Word of Faith article and in his Emerging Church article. And while at Simpson John served in two of the on campus outreach ministries, and was a member of the Ping Pong and Paintball clubs. John graduated with a BA in Church Education Ministries from Simpson in 2005 and a minor in Bible/Theology. From 2007-2009 John attended seminary while working on a Masters of Divinity degree and also worked as a Graduate Assistant at Bob Jones University.

Ministry Experience

John has worked in a number of different occupations and fields some of which are retail sales, copy center duplication, home care, forklift driving, etc.. He served as the leader of a Soul Winning street evangelism ministry that engaged and preached the gospel to the lost souls in his city for 1 year, and still involves himself in preaching the gospel on the streets of his city and engaging lost souls with the truth.

Some of his ministry experience is as follows.

Truth Seekers Christian Club President. Canada College, Fall 1996
Street Evangelism Outreach Ministries, Simpson University, Fall 2001 & Summer 2003
Research Intern. Youth4Christ, Summer 2004
Nursing Home ministry Preacher. Bob Jones University, Fall 2007-Spring 2008
Interim Sunday School DIRECTOR. SonPoint Baptist fellowship, Summer 2008
Church Assistant/Evangelism Ministries/Preacher. Hope Baptist Church, Summer 2008-Sept 2009
Street Evangelism Ministry leader. Bob Jones University, Sept 2008-May 2009
Street Evangelist & Street Preacher-Summer 2008, May 2009-PRESENT

Media Exposure

In early 2010 John was featured as the leading critic in a article in a California publication focusing on the teachings, philosophies, methods, and social & spiritual influence of a Word of Faith church in Redding, CA. John is also featured as a source in the Wikipedia article on the Word of Faith movement. In the middle of 2010 John was interviewed by Fox Carolina and featured on the 10oclock news for his input about the practice of Street Preaching.

Personal Life

Although John grew up in a New Evangelicalism background and culture, in 2004 his theology got more conservative as he joined a Evangelical Conservative Church in northern California. In 2007 he left California to attend Bob Jones Seminary and has been living in South Carolina to the present day. In his spare time John is often out soul winning and preaching the gospel to the lost. He also enjoys photographing animals & Nature, shooting video photography, working with computers & technology, politics, debating, among other things.