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Exhortations for Living
the Christian Life
Phil 4:4-9

Theme- Practical Christian living exhortations

Introduction- Paul writes this epistle from prison. The exact location that the epistle was written is debatable but most believe Rome. This epistle was written about AD 61-62. This epistle was written to the believers at Philippi.

I. Rejoicing at all times and in all seasons (v.4).

A. Rejoicing is having a grateful and joyful spirit towards God (v.4)

B. Having such a grateful and joyful spirit is to be practiced at all times according to the epistle (v.4)

(Application) Having a joyful heart towards God in all circumstances can be difficult if not impossible. However God has given believers the Holy Spirit, and Christians that grow in the Lord are being shaped (pruned according to John 15) into the image of God. As we grow closer to God, so our love and dependence on the carnal world will fade away.

II. Demonstrating a Christ-like consideration for all people (v.5)

A. The KJV confuses the reader things by using the word "moderation" in this passage while the NIV simplifies the translation by using the word "gentleness." Gentleness means to have a Christ like consideration for all people. Being gentle does not mean that we need to love the sin of all people, but we must love them as people. (v.5)
B. The Lord's coming is near so we must show others the light of Christ in a gentle and loving way (v.5)

III. Living in the Light of His presence (v.6-7)

(Illustration) Jesus himself was homeless, was persecuted, and had many enemies, yet He did not worry. He set the perfect example for believers to follow.

A. We must not worry about things but must turn our worries into prayers (v.6)
B. God's peace is an inner tranquillity that is based on peace with God (v.7)

IV. Thinking worthy thoughts and putting them into practice (v.8-9)

A. We must dwell on things that are (true, honest, just, pure, lovely, good report, virtuous, praiseworthy) (v.8).
B. We must practice the example that our leaders set for us (v.9).

(Application) Once I had a pastor whom set a very Godly example for the flock to follow. He put Phil 4:9 to life as this man was godly in character, full of wisdom and knew his Bible really well.

Conclusion- The Christian needs to be able to live for the Lord and in order to do so the fruit of his or her walk must be evidence to the world. The time is near and the return of Christ will come at any time and the example that the believer sets to the world needs to be Biblical. A Godly testimony is essential as by this

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