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False & True Converts
Matt 7:21-23


Theme: True & false Conversions

Introduction: The passage here is in reference to people that claim to be saved but are not. The preceding text before
this passage is in reference to false prophets or false teachers. Jesus told his disciples in verse 20 to look for fruit.


I. False Converts (Judas)

A. They have no fruit and often think they are saved when they are not. (20)

B. They may have made a profession of faith. (They may have prayed the sinnerŐs prayer, but they have no interest in doing
the will of the father). 

C. Watch out for people like Joel Osteen and others whom may be leading people into false conversions as sin is not emphasized.
Sadly, many gospel tracts are this way. They do not emphasize sin and are incorrect. Rom 3:20-rather through the law we
become conscious of sin.

D. They are not interested in bible reading, bible study, prayer, evangelism, fellowship with the body of believers, giving to the ministry,
or the things of the Lord. These are what I would refer to as culture Christians. 

E. Just go to downtown Greenville or wherever you are and ask people what it means to follow the Lord. Some will give a biblical confession,
yet others do not want to talk about it, because apart from them going to church they have no interest in the Lord. 

F. False converts have no transformed life (2 Tim 2:19).



A. Mt 3:8,10, Col 1:10, Gal 5:22ff
B. Some ways to spend your time and earn your rewards in Heaven. Refer to the book by David Jeremiah which I have highlighted some points below.

The Things that Matter
by David Jeremiah

1. Use your spiritual gifts & edify the body of Christ- If it mercy show mercy to others, if it is teaching then teach, if encouraging then encourage, etc..
2. Be involved in evangelism (Ac 1:8). This does not just imply giving money to missionaries, but it implies you being an evangelist.
3. Be waiting for the Lords return (Lk 12:35-38)

Conclusion: True & authentic converts will display fruit during their lives making them true disciples. Everyone is at different stages of their walk and sometimes fruit may take longer to appear, but overtime the true converts will display fruit, and the false converts will not. Make everyday count and live each day like it could be your last. If the Lord were to return today what will he find you doing? Will you be ashamed of his coming or will he find you obedient and waiting for his return?

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