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The Gifts of the Spirit

1 Corinthians 12:4-11


Theme- Spiritual Gifts

Introduction- This is one of the several passages in the scriptures that speak of the Spiritual Gifts. The other passages that speak of the gifts are Rom 12, Eph 4 & 1 Pet 4:10,11.Spiritual Gifts are special abilities to perform work unto the Lord and to serve the body of Christ with these special abilities. All Christians possess spiritual gifts and all are at liberty to use these gifts in the body of Christ to build it up. The ultimate aim of the spiritual gifts is to serve the body of Christ. 


I. The diversity of gifts and service (v.4-6)
A. There are a number of different gifts, but there is only one Holy Spirit and he is the author of these gifts (v.4).

B. There are many different kinds of service but the same Lord is behind all these. The KJV uses the word administration while the NIV uses the word service. Looking at the original Greek word the NIV provides the superior rendering of the Greek, because the word communicates service, not exactly administration which is a form of service. I looked at the Strongs Concordance, the Complete Word Study Dict of the NT and Robertson’s Word pictures. (v.5)

C. There are many different kinds of operations, but the same God is behind them all (v.6).
D. Verse 4 references the Holy Spirit, verse 5 references the Son, and verse 6 references the father. These verses are a reference to the Holy Trinity.


II. The manifestation of the Spiritual gifts (v.7-10).
A. Every believer has spiritual gifts (v.7).
B. The spiritual gifts are wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miraculous powers, prophecy, discernment of spirits, tongues, interpretation of tongues
C. The spiritual gifts listed above are not exhaustive but are those mentioned in the passages of scripture being exegeted.

To discover what your spiritual gift is, it may be best to get yourself involved in your church. Start serving others and soon will you find out what the Lord has gifted you in and what he has not gifted you in.


III. The Holy Spirit gives out the gifts as he determines (v.11)
A. Every Christian has a gift, but every Christian has the same gifts. The Holy Spirit determines what to give each believer (v.11).


Conclusion: Spiritual gifts are special manifestation of the spirit that are given to every follower of Christ. These gifts are used solely to serve the body of Christ and are not meant for personal gain or fulfillment.

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