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The Great Invitation
Isaiah 55:1-7


Theme- The great invitation of abundant life to the thirsty


Introduction- This passage of scripture is an invitation to those that hunger and are in need of salvation. Salvation is offered to all, regardless of financial status as salvation is a free gift from God. The rich, the poor and all are welcome to come and receive the great salvation offered by the Lord.


I. Salvation is offered to all peoples of all nations and all socio-economic status (v.1-2)

A. All that are thirsty/poor should come to the living waters of the Lord (v.1)
B. Those that spend their wealth, time, and abilities in things that are not everlasting are investing into an eternity without Christ (v.2)


II. Coming to the Lord will involve the life and the benefits of God’s everlasting covenant with David (v.3)

A. In 2 Sam 7:11b-16 the Lord promised that David’s line would continue forever (v.3)
B. Just as God promised to keep his good hand on David, so He says that those who come to Him would He not remove His good hand from their lives. God will always be with them and would always consider them His beloved.


III. The Nations will be under the Lord’s leadership (v.4-5)


A. The KJV uses the word “him” and this does not refer to David nor Israel but to the Messiah/Jesus Christ whom will be the leader and commander of all the nations of the earth (v.4)

B. All the nations and peoples of the earth will surely recognize the splendor of the Lord (v.5)


IV. Salvation is available to all people (v.6-7)


A. The wicked and the unrepentant are to call upon the name of the Lord before the judgment. After this time it will be too late for repentance (v.6).

B. God will pardon and forgive all offenses made against him from the wicked (v.7).


(Illustration) There are many poor individuals in third world countries that greatly rejoice at the though of the Lord accepting them to salvation. They also greatly rejoice that in Heaven they will be fulfilled.


Conclusion: The great salvation is offered to all people regardless of socio-economic status, heritage,etc.. God does not elect certain people to be saved and reprobate certain people to damnation. Salvation is offered to all and is a free gift to all. The truly thirsty who do not have all the theological nuances figured out should come to the Lord as a child.

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