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Rules for Holy Living
Col 3:13-17


Theme: Requirements for those that love God and wish to live Holy Lives.


Introduction: God’s chosen people (the elect) need to be set apart by acting different from the world. In order to do so the children of God need to exhibit certain virtues that set them apart. Often many Christians claim to be saved and followers of Christ, but act no different than the world, and so many wonder what really is a Christian, and why do Christians claim to be Christians, yet act no different than the world. This passage of scripture would surely transform Christians if they would take it seriously and obey its instructions.


I.                      The Charge of Holy Living to God’s people (v. 13)

A. God’s people need to be clothed with certain virtues (v. 13)
B. Compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience (NIV) (v.13)
C. Compassion, kindness, humility, meekness and patience (ESV) (v.13)


II.                   The virtue of forgiveness (v.13)
(ill. Last semester I offended or scared away a certain girl, and she refused to

forgive me or have anything to do with me, but chose to harbor bitterness in her heart. This was not the kind of forgiveness that Paul commands in this passage).

A. The ability to forgive former, past and future offenses (v.13)
B. God’s people need to be able to forgive in the same manor and way that they

were forgiven by Christ (v.13)


III. The virtue of Love (v.14)

A.      Love is the greatest of all virtues mentioned in this passage of scripture and in the NT Canon (v.14)

B.      Love binds everything together in perfect unity or harmony (v.14)


IV. Memorizing + Teaching God’s Word (v. 16)

(ill. Once I had a pastor whom loved God’s word so much; he virtually memorized the entire Bible and could quote and recite many passages, and or locations of passages throughout the New Testament. He did everything all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and continually gave him thanks).

A.      Those that love God and are saved will seek to memorize God’s word (v.16)

B.      Those that love God will seek to admonish each other with the Word of God (v.16)

C.      All preaching, teaching, memorization or whatever else done in the flesh in word or deed needs to be done in the name of the Lord Jesus (v.17)


Conclusion: If Christians want to be used of the Lord to win others to Christ and impact fellow brothers and sisters, then they must prayerfully seek to develop the biblical virtues mentioned in this passage of scripture for a effective testimony both to the church and the world.

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