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Preach the Word
2 Tim 4:1-5


Theme- The preachers charge


Introduction- In Paul's 2nd letter to Timothy does he give the young man a charge to preach the word at all times in all seasons. Timothy's charge is called the preachers charge and is a charge for all desiring to proclaim the truth of the gospel of Christ. Although this passage was written by Paul to Timothy, the context is still very relevant to Christians today.


I. Timothy's charge (v.1-2)

A. His charge is before God and the Lord Jesus Christ (v.1)

B. Jesus Christ will judge both the living and the dead when he returns and at his kingdom (v.1)

C. Timothy needs to be ready to proclaim the gospel in any situation whether of correction, rebuke or encouragement (v.2).


II. The falling away of the church (v.3-4)

A. There will be a future time when men/women will not be able to stomach sound Christ centered preaching (v.3)

B. The NIV says that at this time will men/women gather for themselves a "great number of teachers" (v.3)


(Illustration) There are many following Joel Osteen and other preachers who do not preach sound doctrine. They follow these preachers because they say what they want to hear. This is an example of this prophecy being fulfilled.


C. These people will turn away from the truth and unto fables (v.4)

D. Fables (KJV), myths (NIV) means that these people heard from these preachers messages that made sense, seemed true and made them comfortable. So wandering away from this truth was difficult (v.4).


III. Facing difficulties (v.5)

A. Paul charges Timothy to keep a cool head and to endure afflictions (v.5)

B. Timothy needs to be an evangelist at all times (v.5)


Conclusion- The charge to preach the word at all times is not only for preacher but also for all Christians. While women are not allowed to preach over men, they certainly can proclaim the gospel and always be ready to give an account (1 Pet 3:15). Proclaiming the truth is all the more important in today’s world as truth has been dismissed in favor of relevance, tolerance and other such unbiblical teachings that men have crafted to tickle their itching ears.

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