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Rules for the Christian Family
Col 3:18-25

Theme- Requirements for Christian families wishing to submit to the authority of Christ in the home.

Introduction- Godís chosen people need to conduct themselves in obedience to his word in the home Wives need to be in submission to their husbands, which is a command of the Lord. Husbands need to love their wives as they love themselves. They need to serve their wives, as they would serve themselves, as this is a command of the Lord. Children likewise need to live in total obedience to their parents, and must not bring shame to their parents (Pro 19:26) and parents must not abuse their children. Slaves must also submit to the rule of their masters as if working for God.

I. The charge of obedience for Husbands & Wives (v.18-19)
A. Wives are to submit to the authority of their husbands as they would submit to the authority of the Lord (v.18)
B. Husbands likewise are to love their wives (present active imperative which means to "keep on loving them"), and never to be harsh, mean or "not bitter" as the KJV puts it (v.19).

II. The charge of obedience to fathers, children & slaves (v.20-22)
(ill. I have worked at jobs with abusive and harsh employers/masters. But in the end I knew that I was ultimately working for God. My employer/master may have been mean, harsh, unfair, judgmental, abusive and so forth, but I believe that God was my vindicator and He would pay back trouble to those that caused me trouble (2 Thes 1:6).

A. Children are to obey their parents in all things, and if they do this would be pleasing to the Lord (v.20)
B. Fathers are not to "provoke" their children to anger for they would be discouraged (v.21)
C. Slaves are to obey their masters in all things, and do all that their masters tell them. Slaves are not to obey their master ought of duty, but must work for their masters as if they are working for the Lord (v.22).

III. The believers charge to work for God in all things & a strong warning for the disobedient (v.23-25)

  1. The Bible says that God is the master of all men, and God commands Christians to work for Him more so than working for men (v.23).
  2. Those that obediently work and serve for God are know that they will receive an inheritance in heaven (v.24)
  3. Justice will serve those that disobey God, and God has no favorites among persons, for he treats them all the same.

Conclusion: Christian families serious about following God will submit to the commands in this passage of scripture. Wives would be submissive to their husbands, husbands would love their lives as they loved themselves, and in doing so would not be harsh with them. Slaves would also be submissive to their masters and would work for them as if they were working for God. All work and all that the believer does needs to be done as if working for God and not men.

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