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For God so loved the World
John 3:16-21


Theme- God's love for mankind


Introduction- In Jesus's famous conversation with Nicodemus contains the most popular bible verse. This verse talks about God's love, and about receiving salvation through Jesus by believing upon him. The rest of the passage 17-21 talks about man's condemnation by refusing to believe and by his love of darkness. The passage concludes in verse 21 which gives an example of one who believes and lives by the truth.The one who believes and lives for the truth, this will be evident to the world and the world will be able to recognize that they speak from God and represent God. So called Christians that claim to be followers of Christ, yet live and act as the world does are really not following Christ and his word has no place in their lives.


I. The Love of God (v.16-17)

A. God's love was shown by the sacrifice of his own son in the place of sinful man (v.16).

B. Man can receive eternal life by calling and accepting God's son (v.16).

C. God's motive for sending his son as a sacrifice for mankind was not to judge the world but to save it (v.17).


II. Man's evil deeds (v.18-19).

A. The instrumental means of salvation is believing on the Cross (.v18).

B. Condemnation comes to all that reject the Cross (v.18).

C. Man rejects the cross because he loves darkness and his own will over God and his will (v.19).


III. The sinful man and the spiritual man compared (v.20-21).

A. The sinful man's heart is at war with God, for he neither knows him, nor wants to follow his will (v.20).

B. The spiritual man has accepted Christ and his or her works are clearly seen and visible to the unbelieving world (v.21).


(Application) 1 Cor 2 also makes the distinction between the sinful man and the spiritual man. There are many that claim Christ today, yet do not live like he is their Lord and are not really Christians (Mt 7:21). Those that claim Christ need to examine their hearts and their lifestyle and live like he is their Lord.


Conclusion: God love mankind unconditionally that he sent his very son to die in the place of mankind. God didn't send his son into the world to judge, but to save. Man has a choice to accept or deny this gift. Sadly most will reject this gift, because their deeds are evil and they love themselves far more than God, and will face Christ's judgment as the condemned. The spiritual man has already accepted God’s gift and he or she will bear fruit and the world will be able to recognize the fruit.

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