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The Role of Women in the Ministry
1 Tim 2:9-14


Theme- Women in the ministry


Introduction- This short passage of scripture contains instructions on the role of women in the ministry. This passage is not cultural, but is universal for all churches and all Christians of all times. So many liberal Christians these days have misinterpreted the clear teachings presented in this passage to fit their felt needs or even better their itching ears (2 Tim 4:3). These teachings are not only taught here but also in 1 Cor 14. The teachings are to all churches of all time. The teachings are in no way cultural as liberal proponents commonly argue.


I. The appropriate dress demeanor of women (v.9-10)

A. Women are to dress modestly (v.9)

B. Women are not to dress proudly (v.9)

C. Women are to be known by their good deeds (v.10).


II. Women can’t teach or preach (v.13-13)

A. Women should be passive and must fully submit to men (v.13)

B. Women cant teach/preach or have authority over a man, for she must be silent (v.13)


(Illustration) I come from a California contemporary evangelical background and amongst these types it’s commonly believed that women can preach, teach and have authority over a man. These types retranslate this "offensive" passage of scripture to itch their already itching ears (2 Tim 4:3). But the bible is quite black and white here and must be proclaimed/followed regardless of whether or not the content is offensive. The teachings that women cant preach or have authority over men is incredibly offensive in liberal areas like California, so the people out there re-interpret the teachings to fit their liberal churches.


III. God's Biblical Design (v.13-14)

A. The creation mandate from the beginning was that men were the leaders over women (v.13)

B. The woman was deceived before the man. Women are not fit as leaders over men (v.14)


Conclusion- Although these teachings are offensive to those with itching ears (2 Tim 4:3), they are to followed regardless. Serious Bible preaching Christians obey these teachings and strive to follow them as they are the word of God. Liberals retranslate these teachings to fit their itching ears, and in doing so are taking away from the Word of God. The teachings are that women can’t teach, preach or have authority over a man. These teachings are not "cultural" but are to be followed in the present.

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