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Welcome to CERM. CERM stands for Church Education Resource Ministries. Its purpose is to provide resources for pastors, church workers, and students of the Bible. CERM is a Conservative Evangelical/Fundamentalist web ministry written mostly from a evangelical theology. CERM began in May of 2006 as a resource website to aid other Christians looking for brief and concise information on a wide variety of Biblical & Theological topics. CERM holds to the essential Fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith. CERM does not endorse legalism which sadly is all too common in traditional and Fundamentalist churches and educational institutions.

Sadly in the Church today many pastors are no longer teaching the bible. CERM recognizes this failure in Christendom, and has realized from both experience and research that most Christians are not prepared to handle the scriptures (2 Tim 2:15) and with most Christians the Word of God is not their authority (Heb 4:12) as it should be. So CERM's focus is on providing resources for people interested in the Word. The main objective of CERM should be to introduce someone to a topic and let them go out and do the research. CERM is not in the business of spoon feeding, like so many churches are doing these days. So you will often find brief articles on subjects on CERMS website. We do not ever plan to provide a 100 page article on a subject here (unlike some other web ministries) as this is way too much for the average person to read over a computer screen. Most CERM articles are brief and formatted for reading on a computer screen. In your time on CERM please do examine what you find here and compare it to the scriptures. See if what we say is biblical. See if we preach the true gospel, and true doctrines held by orthodox believers in Christ.

CERM also stands in opposition to false "Christ's" or "antichrists," and "Spiritual Terrorists." Some of these groups are Mormons, Oneness Pentecostals, The Way International, the JW'S, Unity School of Christianity and other such workers of Satan. CERM has a cult prayer list, where you may pray for the cults. CERM has been challenged and attacked by many. The biggest attacks have been from Charismatics and Word of Faith Charismatics. Some well known leaders in Christendom have attacked CERM. From the King James Version Only Movement (Peter Ruckman), from the Emerging Church Movement (Dan Kimball), and from the Word of Faith/Third Wave movements both (Randy Clark) and (Bill Johnson). CERM has also been repeatedly attacked by some cults. From the OneNess Pentecostal cult an apostate named (Steve Winter). Although many have come against this ministry the Bible says that God promises his protection. Isa 54:17 ESV "no weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed, and you shall confute every tongue that rises against you in judgment. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD and their vindication from me, declares the LORD."

If you are a member of one of the many cults, please remember than my intention is only to preach what the bible says (2 Tim 4:2-4). What the bible says may and will offend you (1 Cor 1:18, 23) but hopefully after the offense you will be moved by the Holy Spirit to repent and turn to the God of heaven. Eternity is a long time to be wrong. 

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is CERM and its Purpose?

A. CERM's primary purpose is to bring glory to God

B. CERM's secondary purpose is to equip and interest people in the doctrines of the Bible. CERM is not in the business of spoon feeding Christians like so many churches are doing these days. CERM only exists to excite people about the Bible and theology and provide brief information on topics and doctrines so that they will go out and check out these topics for themselves via the Internet, books, computer electronic books, TV/radio,etc.. Most subjects on CERM are very complex that entire books have been written on them. So please do not complain for lack of substance, unless the substance in a CERM article is very shallow. I personally dislike websites that post 100 page articles on subjects and ASSUME that their audience will be reading them over a computer screen. CERM articles are usually formatted for easy reading and general knowledge of a subject.

2. Who runs CERM?

CERM is "run" by one person, but as had assistance from Pulpitfire Ministries. John Wolf is the founder and director of CERM. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Church Education Ministries from a Evangelical University that I earned in 2005. My GPA within my major was well above a 3.30. I do most of the web design, maintenance, writing and research for CERM. I also answers emails, and advertises CERM on the Internet.

Please remember that I do not have a Doctorate or a PHD and am not a expert on the topics I have included on CERM. Many people incorrectly assume that I am the worlds expert or whatever on these topics, when I am not. I am a student of the Word of God.

3. When did CERM begin?

CERM began in 2006. CERM did get some ideas for the website design and layout from CARM but the focus of CERM is much different. For one CERM hosts articles like (The TNIV vs. the NIV, Finding a Healthy Well Balanced Church, Animals in Heaven) and other such topical content outside the scope of Apologetics which is the focus of CARM.

Church Education is my focus. I graduated with a degree with that major, and I wanted a website with a Education focus. I wanted a website that provided Internet friendly articles for others to see and use. But I also wanted a web ministry. I could say Bible Education Resource Ministries, or Christian Education Resource Ministries, but if I said Bible that would exclude my other topics in the topical Ministry category. So Church Education was the best fit.
CERM is still young in its professional form and I have much more work to do. But it does provide other information other than just Apologetics (which is the focus of CARM).

If any of you are skilled in the art of editing I could use your help. Please contact CERM.

4. Why did CERM begin?

CERM started because so many churches and parachurch ministries are not teaching the Bible. I have been in so many churches that lacked Church Education Ministries, or could care less about properly teaching people. I have discovered that most contemporary churches would in a heartbeat spend money on music/entertainment over Church Education. I had the privilege of being a member of a Evangelical Conservative Church for a little over a year (July 2004- January 2006) when I was living in Northern California. This church very much valued Church Education, and even had their own curriculum. This church did not spoon feed people Bible like so many others do these days, but challenged people to answer questions, do research and study the Bible in depth. A challenging and engaging Church Education atmosphere is something of the past in most churches today, but not in that church. This was a church where people had to think, they had to answer questions, and they had to write out answers to the Sunday school curriculum. They could not just fall asleep to a spoon feeding lecture that seems so easy to do in most churches these days. People there were being equiped for the ministry.

5. Is CERM supported or run by a Church?

No Church that we are aware of supports this ministry. But perhaps in the future at God's timing a Biblically sound church will embrace CERM.

6. Is CERM "Calvinistic"?

In some areas yes. However CERM is not into extreme Calvinism which often supports Double-Predestination, and CERM certainly does not hold to any of the Reformed eschatology views (Amil), nor does CERM believe in the doctrine of Limited Atonement.

7. Is CERM open to Criticism and suggestions for improvement?

By all means send your spelling, grammar, web design, and other areas suggestions to me. If CERM has misrepresented a doctrine, then please tell us.

CERM often gets criticism from Atheists, Agnostics, Christian Cults, Catholics, Word of Faith types, Charismatics, Pentecostals, Emerging/Emergent Church types, "Homosexual Christians", and King James Version Only Fundamentalists. So far with the exception of one King James Version Only Fundamentalist (whom wrote out a 15-20 page rebuttal to CERM'S King James Onlyism article) most that have criticized this ministry have failed to use their Bibles to do so and have not acted like the Bereans in Acts 17.

The Bereans tested Paul daily with the authority of the scriptures, so please do likewise.

Acts 17:11 (NIV) Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.

8. Is CERM a Apologetics Ministry?

No is it is not. CERM unlike CARM ( does not focus entirely on apologetics (the art of defending the faith). However CERM does have apologetics articles on our website. Unlike some other similar Church/Christian Education web ministries, we believe that defending the faith is very important, and should not be ignored. Having attended Simpson University for four years, I can honestly say that art of Apologetics is heavily ignored among the Church Education staff of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, and other church denominations of similar ilk. This is so sad, but in our day of Tolerance, Pluralism, multiculturalism and postmodernism what else can we expect?