This is an email that I received from a female named Kristin whom contacted CERM for assistance on Steve Winter. We spoke on the phone for over an hour, and Winter had greatly disturbed and distressed her due to his harassment.

Here is the transcript of the message that Mr. Winter left on my machine yesterday:

March 25th, 2008 12:17pm  from 919-246-4007 (Steve Winter)
Italics represent voice emphasis.

"Yes this is Steve with Sellcom.
I was just calling; I just got your email.
I was actually at first kind of angered, Uh, by it
But I realized that may-maybe you are not just really vicious and incompetent, that you really might just have some kind of problem?
So I would encourage…
We're going to process your refund in the normal manner, Uh which we usually do try to do very quickly.
I'm very sorry that we had, Uh, any-any business, Uh, dealings, Uh, but, you-know, maybe this just goes deeper than just a vicious incompetent customer.
You know, maybe you've got some other issues, and if so I'm sorry that we happened to Uh hit a nerve or whatever with whatever problems you have.  But, you know, Uh, get some help!
And, Uh, we'll have your, Uh, refund, you-know, processed quickly.
And Um, you're not being charged 35 dollars.   Apparently you have maybe a little bit of, Uh, maybe math problems as well as your other, shall we say, issues.
Anyway, Uh, please stop harassing us.  Uh, and that is what you're doing it's called "harassment".
We are processing your refund, Uh, exactly as agreed.
And, Uh, anyway, other than that have a nice day and get some help!"

I also wanted to forward you the text of the email I received from Mr. Winter (sent after I told him that he was forcing me to file a report with the FTC regarding this transaction):

“You are incompetent trash, vicious incompetent trash apparently.
Go ahead and make a bigger fool of yourself if you wish.
Your refund is in normal processing procedure and will be issued when the warehouse processes it.


(Short and to the point, as you can see…)  Of course, neither communication lent any real information regarding this return/refund.  “As agreed” was “never agreed”. “Normal manner” has never been explained.  Nothing was ever mentioned to me about a ‘warehouse processing’.
I am filing a complaint with the FBI. Since he used a telephone, over state lines, this becomes Federal jurisdiction.  I’ll let you know how things pan out.  The State of North Carolina’s Secretary of State Office comes up with no company registered to Mr. Winter, so he is doing business illegally in the state of North Carolina. The State Attorney General’s Office is going to be prosecuting this, both from my perspective and in my defense as a customer, and from the State level penalizing him for doing business illegally.  
The Chambers of Commerce (both in Roxboro and Durham) have been made aware of this guy and his business practices.  The BBB of East North Carolina is also processing my complaint, as is the BBBOnline, a division of the BBB that deals only with Internet companies.  Of course the Inspector General’s Office will be keeping an eye on things as well (hand in hand with the FBI) due to the threatening call taking place at NASA.
The Deputy from Durham has yet to call me back, but I have been assured that he will before the day is out.  I’ll let you know what he says.  I am sure that by this time, he has stopped by the residence.